Beaching (and sewing) in Florida

The morning after returning home from Hilton Head, we shipped the big boys off to Scout Camp and I carted the littles down down down to Florida for a few more days in the sun and sand with dear friend HB and two of her cousins.
Just as we arrived, it started sprinkling. "Don't worry!" I joked. "I brought my sewing machine and LOTS of fabric, just in case this becomes a quilting week!" We all laughed at my joke, unloaded my stuff, and ran to the BEACH!
Oh, the glorious gulf beaches of Florida. It didn't take long for us (Soren) to succumb to the charm of this one.
As we left for dinner, we tried not to notice the ominously darkened sky in the distance....
...and focused instead on our charming little beach house and the delicious food awaiting us at the nearby eatery.
The rain picked up again as we were walking home.
"Hmm, it's not supposed to rain for long, right?" 
We checked the forecast. RAIN. FOR. DAYS. Tropical storm Cindy, in fact! All the sudden, the possibility of a quilting week was looking up! We cancelled snorkeling for the morning, and started looking through fabric.
The next morning (and through the rest of our time there), we snuck down to the beach whenever there was a window in the (sometimes torrential) rain. The double red flags (as Soren is explaining) kept us away from any real swimming, but we still enjoyed our moments on the beach, darn it!
 It really was a delightful week, even if we spent a little more time indoors than planned. And the food, oh the food. Homemade blueberry pancakes (thanks, Hannah!), pizza and cookies (thanks, HB), ice cream for normal people and yogurt/cottage cheese, my new obsession (thanks, Chanda!), then out to eat each night where the food just kept getting better and better. Oh, I dream of these dinners.

One night I had to talk this little fellow off the 2nd floor balcony ledge.. how he got up there, I don't know!
Annie officially started machine sewing, after just a tiny bit of encouragement from women other than her mother. Look at these fabulous "granny squares" of hers, which we will make into a quilt before too long.
Soren's stuffed animal (Pizza Party Captain Cook) got a quilt out of the deal as well:
Many headbands, a pillow, a little skirt for Miss J, and even a tie were also constructed, as well as something like 20+ quilt squares from HB, quilter extraordinaire. Tell me, how on earth could we have gotten that much done if the weather had cooperated? 
Our last day, the sun (almost) came out, so we braved the still windy conditions (sand that felt like it was pelting us, you know, fun times) and enjoyed (endured) a few outside hours. Looking into the sunshine, the whole scene seemed whitewashed and steamy.
Double reds were still up, so no no no swimming, but Soren helped the pelting sand movement by throwing a bit out here and there.
 Wind aside, it was nice to get out and enjoy the beach together. What fun friends we made this time around, and how wonderful it was to be with HB in a beautiful place. Great friends + good conversation + fun sewing + yummy food = Happiness.
Our final morning, the blue skies returned. Again we laughed, said our goodbye, and were off.
 A few of us got in a bit of a nap (!!!)  on the way home. 
Till next time, beach adventures!


ash said…
Sometimes it works out almost better than you'd hoped for? Looks like it was lovely. The quilting squares are darling!

Funny thing, I can almost hear Soren's voice when he's explaining the double red flags.
wyomingmom said…
A delightful time. I always love the pictures. Especially like SOREN written in the sand but somehow I find that I am very hungry.