Hilton Head Island, Part One

Just a few days after the open water meet, our family had the opportunity to spend some time in Hilton Head Island, SC while B participated in a conference for work. We often joke that civil engineers never attend conferences in cool places, but I have to admit, they outdid themselves with this one.
As we walked into the lobby, we caught a glimpse of some of the original inhabiters of the island. Yikes!
After finding our condo, B and Z went to the first "dinner mingle" and the other two and me hit the pool.
I loved the ripples on the water here. Delicious!
Later, we decided to catch the sunset over at the pier. Walking across the property was delightful. It felt hot and steamy, like Florida, so a bit like home, but with more flowers. :)
I had wondered if I should bring my ever-aging "real" camera. Glad I did, this happy moment was captured so accurately.
 We walked around past that famous lighthouse and found the sun just as it was saying goodbye for the evening. In the original version of this photo, my children were completely darkened. :) So much for the real camera.
We waited and watched awhile. Zane found strange things on the beach, Soren and Annie pretended they were sailing.
This picture is my new desktop background.
Happy night. Love my people.


ash said…
Wow! We never made it down to Hilton Head. It looks perfectly lovely.