Percussion Love

Zane has taken up percussion this year and had SOARED. What can he say, the dude has the rhythm inside of him, and thanks to bells/snare drum practice (100 minutes of methods practice a week and he did it the entire school year!), he's really great at bringing it out for all to hear. At the end of the school year, he participated in his first solo and ensemble competition. With three weeks to go, he still hadn't been assigned a snare solo, so we went looking for one. We found "Colonial Drummer," which turned out to be more for, you know, an 8-9 grader. But tenacity in the form of 100 minutes a DAY during Spring Break paid off, and (basically self-taught on MANY of the rudiments) Zane received a 28 out of 30 at the contest. Wowza.
His ensemble was made up of 8 or so kids, all with varying levels of music understanding (one girl asked the day before the concert what that lightning looking thingy was. oh, a quarter rest, what is that?). He REALLY wanted them to do well so he put together a couple of rehearsals at our home, also during Spring Break. Only a few attended each time (lightning thingy girl never made an appearance), but he took command of the rehearsals and they did their best. Here is one of the times through. Not their worst, not their best. I was so proud of him.