Smoky Mountains, Part Two

Evenings at the cabin were spectacular. The weather was mild, the views, amazing, and two of the nights we made a fire and had s'mores.
Soren was so excited about s'mores. That is, until he actually tasted them. Then he decided they were sticky, a little burnt tasting, and not all that great. Instead, he ate uncooked marshmallows on a stick. But I'm getting ahead of myself. First, the building of the fire. Very fun for the littles. I appreciated that Brandon took charge so I could avoid the smoke and instead, take pictures.
This view just never got old.
Here's the initial taste, realization, and improvement.
Soren then went inside, telling us he had had enough of s'mores this night.
Grandpa followed him in for a round of battleship.
Later, others joined for inside fun. So relaxing! Such a treasured evening in the mountains that night.


ash said…
I'm with Soren on this one. The campfire looks dreamy. This is a trip everyone will remember forever.