Smoky Mountains, Part Three

One of Ann Marie's ideas was that we take a ride on the Great Smoky Mountains Railway. Although we laughed as we went, the ride being way too slow to feel truly authentic (roughly 15 mph, hee hee), the views were wonderful and we enjoyed the time together.
 The trip (about 90 minutes) took us to the Nantahala Outdoor Center. There we found both a great likeness of Zane's swim coach, Big Show, and Zane's favorite souvenir of the trip, an orange bandana "buff."
(Side note: that orange buff went everywhere with him for awhile, as seen below in the swim meet picture from the next weekend. Then, he started getting hives behind his ears, and I cheered silently that it might become an occasional, rather than an every minute, accessory.) 
 On the train ride home, Brandon got this shot of me and my not-so-small snuggle buddy. Oh no, he really IS getting bigger, isn't he? I've been trying to lay off the snuggle smothering ever since, lest we find pictures of me trying to do this with 14 year old Soren someday. Good wake up call!
We always loved coming home to the cabin for a mix of calm (screens, card games) and fun (hot tubbing, badminton, more s'mores for everyone not named Soren). 

 In short, we loved our time in the Great Smoky Mountains! Thank you for a great idea and a successful adventure, Grandma and Grandpa Ross! Where we will head to next year, I wonder?


ash said…
KEEP SNUGGLING HIM!!! Just until he climbs off your lap to do something else! I can't stop laughing about the bandana buff! I hope he brings it on your trip to Utah!