Other pre-mtn highlights

As requested by Zane, the menfolk went to the Columbia temple together for the youth temple trip on Saturday. Grandpa Ross was a champ, driving another 2.5 hours directly following (the day after) flying here from the other side of the nation. Special day, especially for Zane.
Sunday after church, the grandparents played games with the kids while the parents BOTH took a nap. 
 Soren had gotten a cupcake from Primary so I took a picture for his teacher. Later, he told me he was done and that I could have "the rest." How generous!
 Um, any caption required? Nada.
If you can believe it, the Smoky Mtn posts are next!


ash said…
Grandparents, games, naps, AND cupcakes? That is the jackpot right there.