More Annie, More Flowers

Annie had another school picture taken in May. Oo, she got dress up for this one! Look at those heels! As you can see this is a picture of a picture. Or could you not tell? :) Don't all children hold a beam of light in their hands for school photos?
 This month our yard really started waking up again--hydrangeas and lilies and plumerias, oh my! The photos almost do them justice (taken just before 7am), but not really. You'll just have to come and visit next year, see for yourself!

 Actually, I don't know what this last fancy pants is, even though I planted it myself a couple of years ago. Five plants total, and they are living large this summer!
 My yard continues to make me so happy. As does my Anniegirl. Look at her own rendition of some floral happiness: