Last Day(s) of School

Although the last day of school was Friday, June 2, our grandparents Ross came and swept us away to a fun Smoky Mtn adventure May 29-June 1. Therefore, the older's last day was the Friday prior. First, Annie had crazy hair day, which I thought looks a bit like our growing hydrangeas.
 Then, here's the Friday (after field day), with her favorite buddy:
Later, I went to pick up Zane and asked him to take a selfie for the last day. I think this pretty much sums up how he felt about 6th grade:
 After we returned home from the Smoky Mtns, Annie insisted on going to the real last day on the 2nd. Zane slept in. As she got ready, Annie said, "No offense to Zane, but I think those who stay home on the last day just don't get it." Different strokes for different folks, people.
Ready for summer!


ash said…
Oh, Annie! I totally get it. I was always a "go on the last day" kind of gal.