Garden Progress

I will admit, we didn't give much attention to our little garden this spring. Too busy! Goodness, every day besides Sunday was packed with school (pre, elem, and middle), dance, swim, piano, scouts, activity days, work, and who knows what else? Annie and Soren were quite vigilant about the strawberries though. Or maybe I should say strawberry (singular) because that's how they come, one by one. This particular EARLY morning (sorry about the flash at first, Annie), they weren't going to let ANY forest creatures steal their goods (good).
 Every Saturday morning when we'd wait for Annie's carpool, I'd look over and think, "Oh yeah, there's the garden!" But then I'd just go back inside after she left. Shrug.
Until one morning I looked over her shoulder and "WHOA! THE GARDEN IS A LITTLE CRAZY!"
So I spent the morning weeding and lo and behold, I found some vegetables too!
Some crazy cauliflower that didn't realize it's better to stick together.
Some pepper plants (update: they hold an actual bell pepper now! Note again the singular! One at a time, people!) and tomatoes.
More tomatoes, little ones, I'm still waiting for most of these to turn red, and some green beans (we've counted 43 and I think we'll get all the way up to 49 this year!) 
Sigh, too funny. My parents asked what we will do with the garden when we come west this summer. My first response was, "Well, our garden isn't actually used for EATING all that much..." Still, it's awfully fun to find treasures throughout.


wyomingmom said…
Who would notice the garden with that little beauty in front of it?