It's on, folks! Soren has decided he loves family games and asks to play hour after hour, day after day.   It's fun, really. Except for the part about how he screams if he doesn't win. One minute, he's having the BEST time trying to get the "mommies" off the pyramid, next minute he's crying because Pops got them first.
One minute he's saying, "Oh yeah, oh yeah" because of landing on and buying Heinz Ketchup (If you don't have Monopoly Empire, please go buy it today and through out all other renditions of Monopoly. You won't be sorry.); the next turn he's crying because Zane swapped the top.
 Apples to apples is another favorite (we laugh, we shout, we giggle, Soren uses off-the-wall methods when it's our turn to choose the best fits and insists on picking at random the card we put in the pool each time) and almost the worst at the end in the freak-out category (because really, this one is hard to rig so he wins all the time, especially because of the aforementioned randomness). It's like in "Mary Poppins" when they all have to go home after the tea party on the ceiling and the host is SO SO SAD.
And yet, because of that smile, we keep trying. He also continues to love Pig Out, War, and Uno, and plays an absurd game with Pops and the Scopa cards. You'll have to ask them.