Every day an Adventure

Seriously! Every day brings new silliness with this fellow.
How grateful I am for his preschool teachers this year. He started going only two days a week, but kept asking if he could go EVERY DAY, so after Christmas we moved into the 5 day Pre-K class. 
He loved every minute. 
 One of the past school days, the kids did a zoo. Soren brought Zane's old whale and turtle, because he was too afraid to send in his own stuffies.
 He tried to act like a serious Zookeeper.
But it didn't last long. 
 He liked Ants-on-a-log for about 14 seconds a few weeks ago. You'd better believe those logs were looooong. 
If you ask him now, he'll tell you they make his back hurt. Or his elbow. It's real sensitive.
He's also been known to only like pepperonis on pizza (not by themselves) and only like pepperonis on pizza. Don't know what I mean? One night, while holding his pizza, he asked, "What is that?" "That's a tomato." "I'm afraid I don't like tomatoes." So I pulled off the tomato. 
"What's that?" he asked. "The cheese." "I'm afraid I don't like cheese." So I pulled off the cheese.
 "What is THAT?" he asked once more. "It's an air pocket." "I'm afraid I don't like air pockets." 
I ate the rest of the pizza.
 Cool as can be when I ask for a happy pose:
 With all this, he is still my lovey. Here we are on Mother's Day.
Not sure how much longer he'll fit on my lap, but I'll take it.


wyomingmom said…
Hum...Is he going to be a music director, zoo director or food critic? Great options all.