DVOW 2017

We said goodbye to our wonderful grandparents (knowing we would see them in Utah in a few short weeks) and turned our attention to the week ahead, which for swimmers in SC means the Death Valley Open Water Meet. This year, Zane was scheduled to swim the 3k, 1k, and 1/2k. Good grief! He was able to have a few outdoor practices beforehand, one of which I brought the other kids to for fun in the sand and sun.
 Summertime by the water just can't be beat. So thankful for this place we live.
 For the 3rd year in a row, Brandon and I had the crazy job of "parking enforcement," which really isn't hard at all, just requires you to stay late Friday and set up all the signs, then get back to the beach before anyone else has shown up the next morning. This year we managed a 5:19am arrival. Here's the documentation. 
The close-to-the-lake parking lot was full by 6:37am this year, which meant three straight hours (6:38-9:38am) of denial for folks wanting to just. inch. in. to. that. spot. instead of heading back down to the lower lot after dropping their swimmer. I think I'll make a sign next year that reads, "If you are here between 6:40-9:40, YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL. Please proceed down the hill." 
Later, Brandon went to be a more "important" volunteer (finish judge was his official title) and I moved back and forth between "adoring mother" and "shuttle driver" (taking those same folks I had denied for hours earlier down the hill, RIGHT TO THEIR VEHICLES. I aim to please, people). Since you don't really need pictures of the shuttle, here are some of the rockstar swimmer (and gorgeous venue) instead. Z finished the 3k in something like 48 minutes, then turned right around and swam the 1k about 20 minutes later. Then the 1/2k! Astounding!
This smile (taken at the VERY END of the LAST RACE) says it all to me. Dedication, hard work, happiness.


ash said…
Goodness! My smile would NOT be that big after a single race and DEFINITELY not after having to disappoint the poor park-ers. You guys are basically the best parents ever.