Brother's Day

During our Mother's Day dinner (after I'd opened all my nice presents and we'd eaten the chocolate from church), Soren sighed and said, "I like this day. But I REALLY can't wait until BROTHER'S day." "Brother's day, huh?" I asked. "When is that?" "It's in 3 days." "And do you get presents and chocolate on that day, just like I did today?" "Of course I do!"
So began a new tradition in the Ross family. 3 days after Mother's day? Brother's day. And don't worry, apparently Sister's day is 9 days after that.
We went Clemson themed this year. Zane thought Brother's day was both completely ridiculous and amazingly awesome, as you can see. 
(Too bad the only PROVEN t-shirt left in our town was a wee bit large for him, and he couldn't wear it immediately like the little dude.)
Z happened to have a Dr. appt that morning, so we were able to have a special out-to-lunch date before returning him to school. Brother's day rules!


ash said…
Brother's Day is genius! It's too bad we don't have any brothers to celebrate it with. You can always send those cute boys to our house!