Wonder of Wonders....

Good news folks: miracles have not ceased to occur on this earth! Proof is in the picture below, where  Annie is ACTUALLY PLAYING WITH ZANE...and enjoying herself!
I know what you're saying. It's a mistake! A fluke! A clever slight of hand, even! But no, this girl has actually been (selectively) open to engaging in activities with her highly-competitive though well-intentioned older brother. And even more incredible, {most of} these moments have not ended in tears, as has been the case EVERY SINGLE TIME PRIOR.
It's been remarkable to witness. There is hope for all of us. 
 The gateway drug/game was probably foosball. We acquired a table from some friends a few months ago and for some reason (probably because she won a couple of first rounds with Pops), Annie decided she was up to the challenge of facing Zane. From there, it's been basketball, tennis, and most enjoyably, Frisbee. Both kids have really enjoyed Frisbee. 
Coordination + Athleticism (neither of which they got from me) = Victory!!
(Sometimes I make them stop and pick up sticks the size of pick-up trucks while they are out having fun. Always the wet blanket, that's me!)
Our across-the-street neighbor occasionally comes over and joins in. I am thankful for easy friendships and glorious dusk hours in springtime.
 One more, just because of the azaleas:
Three cheers for growing up, braving up, and conquering. 


ash said…
So awesome! Being the middlest kid is always a balancing act. Sometimes playing up with the bigger sibling or down to the littlest. Annie is such a sweetheart. It's fun to see your kid's friendships.