Spring Break Mountain Biking

We decided to have a true BREAK during spring break this year. Lots of folks were going this way and that, but for the most part, we are staying home, resting, gym-ing, sorting legos (in the most amazing and effective way EVER, thanks to Zane! That's a whole other post!), building old legos sets, reading, eating, frisbeeing! (see prior post) and everything else one can do AT HOME. 
Except, on the first day of the break, Zane and Brandon went up to North Carolina with one of B's colleagues for some REAL mountain biking.  Nothing like a little insane exertion to get you excited about doing nothing for the days following!
They biked and biked and biked some more, and at the end when faced with the choice of an easy or hard last leg, Zane bolted for the hard option before anyone could argue. Glad I only had to hear about it! I can just picture them now, huffing and puffing, one a little more than the other, hee hee.
BTW, I have Brandon trained so well now; as they were leaving, I said, "Be safe!" and Brandon called back, "We will and don't worry, I'll take some pictures!" Happy dance!
It was a good day for awesomeness.


ash said…
Oh my goodness. Daddy activity pictures are like GOLD! Looks awesome, and hard, and a little bit scary. Nice work, Z and B.