Obsessions these days: Knitting and Smoothies and Percussion (oh my!)

Annie and I both learned to knit last summer. She has amazingly remembered the skill even after putting it on the back burner for several months. Last weekend during General Conference, she was able to finish this ear warmer headband thingy. She got to wear it on the way to school exactly one time before it got too hot for such things. :) Now, it's an infinity scarf for one of her dolls, and she's nearly through another one. When this girl puts her mind to something, it happens independently and FAST!
Soren learned about green smoothies somewhere and last week decided we needed one every day for lunch. Apple juice, a banana, frozen strawberries and blueberries, plus his SECRET ingredient: two giant fistfuls of SPINACH (or kale or whatever greenery is in the fridge). Experts now say not to hide the healthy food in children's meals, but I wonder: is it okay if the child is the one doing the hiding? 
And finally, my Zane and his percussion. Goodness, this boy is on fire. His band director asks everyone to practice 100 minutes a week. Over spring break, Zane decided he would practice 100 minutes a DAY. Self-motivated, goal-crushing, precision-oriented rock star, this one. He stands at the piano (convenient because of its music stand) and peri-diddles and flams and flam taps and drags and flamacuses and rolls (can't forget the rolls!) till the cows come home. Then the chickens. 
I actually included this picture because of the piano keys in his glasses. Swoon.
So, I love my children. Can't tell, can you?


ash said…
So many great things everyone is doing! We should facetime again so we can see those great flamadiddles, or whatever they are called. ;)