WAR and Other Games

We did some cleaning out of the closets last week and lo and behold, we re-discovered the 947 games we own! For Soren, this was a first glance at many: "What are these cute little pigs? (Pig out, they are like I-SPY in the picture below)" 
 "We have STAR WARS cards?! Wait, what game do we play with STAR WARS cards?"
Z has been home all week due to swim team spring break, so I put him on war-teaching duties. Since that day, upwards of 25 additional war games have been played. At first, Soren needed a little help knowing the order of hierarchy from Joker to Ace to King to Queen to Jack. I wrote it down for him and every time we'd be presented with such a standoff, he'd say, "Hmm, let me check uh paper." Now of course he has committed the sequence to memory. But that "let me check uh paper" business was too darling not to remember.
There were other games of note. 
First, the legendary Go Fish with the saggy baggy elephant, where Soren was seen promising he had no "purple lions" when in fact he had not one but TWO hiding behind his other cards: "Oops, so sorry mom, I didn't see dat one. Or dat one eever."
Also, the ABC fishing game with magnetic poles. Back when we used to play this one, I wasn't sure he would ever learn the difference between those 26 shapes we call the alphabet. Now, thanks to the Owl class, he knows them all, complete with their sound and an associated named animal/action. I love preschool!
We need batteries for Hullabaloo. This weekend, perhaps. We'll dance in between General Conference speakers, to keep our blood flowing.
And don't forget War. There will be lots and lots of War. (Hmm, let me check uh paper.)


ash said…
I can hear his little voice!

We still say "Dat guy wooks a little sca-wee" at our house every time we see our HP poster in Lucy's room.

It's amazing to see how that tiny newborn has turned into such a charming little fellow. Also, Zane is awesome.