New Mountain Biking Partners

As the days get longer and the weather more pleasant, Brandon itches to be outside on a bike. Lucky for him, he has a second interested (this one is also adoring) child to bring along, when the first is at swim practice. These two have been on a couple rides now, and Annie has been a champ at both. Turns out those long ballet legs get her up the hills faster than her daddy can go! And she's braving the downs and the creeks and the hurdles with style. No wrecks....yet.
I hope B will keep taking pictures for me, so we can see the foliage fill in around the biker.
She's using Zane's bike and in true Annie fashion had the gears down after one and only one demonstration. Such an able-minded, equally able-bodied gal. 


ash said…
Wow! Way to go, Annie! What a brave lady! Mountain biking is NOT for the faint of heart.