Garden fun

I'll admit it, I've been putting off the garden this year. Who even knows why, either? Who ever knows why I procrastinate? Oh yeah, I do. It's because it usually works in my favor! And you might even say it did this time too--early last week, it got really cold (below freezing) for two or so nights, and there were many complaints around town about frozen vegetable plants. 
Well there you go, happy I waited! 
Except really, I put us in a hard spot planting-wise, about a week later than the last date for cold weather stuff and about a week earlier than the first date for hot weather stuff. We will have to report back about what survived, I guess, and hopefully learn our lesson!
 All five of us went to Lowe's for manure and plants/seeds, but the minute we got home, Zane (who stayed up WAY too late last night to watch Florida beat Wisconsin for March madness) asked, "Sooo, do we all have to help plant?" 
"No, not really, I guess (all the while The Little Red Hen running through my mind)."
"Sweet!" he said, and went straight inside. He is officially a pre-teen. 
Good thing I have three other stellar helpers! And by three I mean two + a sincere but let's face it, a bit of a wild card, 4 year old!
 After we got all the happy dark brown stuff mixed in (and one of us posed in the most fantastic way), Annie and I started on the front end with peppers and tomatoes (plants) while the boys made rows for carrots, then peas and bush beans (all seeds). 

 Annie and I added broccoli and cauliflower plants and cucumber seeds to the middle of the space while Brandon continued the rows in back. Soren? Well, he helped in his own way until finally he asked if he could be DONE and pranced happily off to the swing set when I answered in the affirmative.
 Annie was clutch, taking over for her turkey pants brother and not finishing until the last row of beans was in and voila! We have a garden!
 Annie then joined her little buddy in the backyard.
Later I found both sets of rubber boots lined up by the back door. Made me happy. Job well started, my little gardeners!


walt or jean said…
Love you and your helpers. The "pose" is classic! Annie gets the endure to the end award.
ash said…
The garden has gotten bigger! It's so fun to see them out working and to see their personalities. As always, Annie is a darling and Soren kills me!