Divide and Conquer

First of all! Life (in the form of GREEN) is returning to us. It makes the glorious spring flowers even more brilliant, and gives us all a certain lightness in our steps. I think that's because the heat hasn't arrived just yet. Give us a couple weeks, wink wink.
Tonight, after school and piano lessons and a quick stand-in-the-kitchen-with-sandwiches bite to eat, we took off in two groups of adventurers, one batch to tackle another mountain biking run (Z on my bike, Annie on his), and the other to the park with the signs (explanation to come)! Since I was in the latter group, let's start there. The city built a little walk-and-talk path next to one of its parks, and turns out Soren enjoys the path more than the playground! He's been on it with his Pops a couple of times, but those were when there was no green to be found outside and it was too cold for this mama to accompany; this was my very first time. I was with an expert though. As we walked along the path, he would stop at each posted sign and either tell me what we were supposed to do there (now we name the shapes on the ground! Now we make a funny face at each uh-ver and laugh!) or he would tell me to read and follow the directions.
Our favorite tonight was the hopscotch. Such concentration. "Juss one more try, mom. I GOTTA keep my balance."
Sigh. He is my love-y. Although he won't let me call him that any more. Turns out he's not "kissable" any more either. We have a long, vertical handmade piece of puff paint art by my Grandma Bee hanging in his room that says "Children are..." then lists qualities from A to Z in 26 rows. "Kissable" is about at his forehead now; "Joyful" is much more accurate, height-wise. Actually, I think I have a picture or two of that.
You see? Joyful. Sorry, kissable.
We had a nice evening together, this buddy and me.
 And the other batch of adventurers? Well it had to happen: tonight was the night of Annie's first wreck. It wasn't too bad, more of an extended slide sounds like, but still a little freaky. She told me she thinks in the future her dad should hide a stuffy (like baa, baa, and yes, I still said baa baa) in his pocket, just in case. I'm proud of her resilience. And I'm glad she will still oblige a picture at Issaqueena Lake when it's all over.
To finish up tonight, remember my New Year's Resolution to take at least monthly full-family pictures? Yeah, I'm already behind. Here's one from a dinner-and-movie night out together--I think our first ever of those! Picture is black and white to add to the romance...nah, just kidding, photo was too grainy otherwise. Let's hope for an outside, fully lit shot in April! With some GREEN in it!


ash said…
So many great things in this post!

First of all...spring! It looks glorious and I'll just have to live vicariously through your pictures. Also, way to divide and get good things done. I need to take a lesson from your book and do this more often. And poor Annie, but way to get back up and keep going. B is awesome for documenting their little adventure.

And, as always, great family pic.