Annie! and other Blooming Flowers

Annie went through another round of school pictures this month. This set is soon tempting, as we watch her grow from teeny tiny Annie to long-haired, mature Annie. So glad to see the dimple in all its glory remaining the same.
Spring has come a FULL MONTH early this year. It has been so welcome.
The kids were out playing one early evening and I had to sneak out and capture some of the blossoming beauty. Azaleas, nice to see you! Stay as long as you like!
Oh, hi Soren. What, you don't need me? Too busy spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning? Message received. Carry on.
I don't even know what these beauties are called, but they've been blooming unabashedly outside my kitchen window for weeks! Glorious color, yet so unassuming out there in the back yard.
So thankful for this yard of mine. I've just recently been remembering how lucky we are to be its stewards. Here's the often ignored side yard. Long ago, Brandon decided to let it go back to nature a bit. Not bad, that nature.
Thanks Spring, I needed you! Now, go spread some love everywhere else!


walt or jean said…
Annie is such a beautiful young lady! How appropriate to show her along with the lovely flowers blooming in your yard. We love you Annie!
ash said…
Beautiful flowers! And Annie! I remember all of those sweet faces. So happy to see your everyday happinesses.