Weekend for the (blog)Books

We've had a full February! Here, there, and everywhere, it seems. These last few days have been especially memorable--starting with gorgeous spring weather for our walks home from school. One day we took the scenic route, through the nature trail. I continue to be floored by the beauty at our fingertips here. Or water at our fingertips, as the case was this afternoon.
Soren insists on being the leader, and these girls are nice to oblige. 
This weekend, Zane participated in the much anticipated South Carolina Short Course STATE swim meet. This boy never ceases to amaze me. He swam in 6 events over the course of 4 days (could have done a couple more on Sunday but chose to be okay with Friday, Saturday, Monday. Tiring enough if you ask me!) and cut time in all but one event. His best events placed him in 15th; he cut 13 seconds in his 400 IM; and overall he dazed and amazed us with his hard work and dedication.  Seriously, who is this kid? So proud to be his mama.
Amidst the State swimming weekend, we also had a 40th birthday (go B!) and a daddy-daughter hoedown. Have you ever seen a cuter couple, I mean really? Annie had the BEST time too. Her favorite night of the year. So darling.
Soren was upset that he didn't get to go on a date with dad that night, didn't occur to him that he could have a date with ME at home! I tried my best to win him over by suggesting we bake cookies. "Okay, but we are NOT going to follow a bulletin!" He said. "Oh really?" "Really. We are going to follow MY MIND. First, get the eggs!" We got the eggs. He opened the pack, pulled one out, cracked it on the counter, then SQUEEZED his fingers together to "open" it. You can imagine what happened next: squish, crunch, "AH!!!!!" drop egg, run. "Never mind, we can use the bulletin! I'm going to wash these dirty hands!" We followed the directions under the quaker oatmeal lid for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. When came the time, I cracked the eggs.  :)  

Sunday night, everyone spent the evening playing in the yard, late-march or early-april style. I pulled out the camera....dead battery. argh. I found my almost dead iPhone....no more space for photos. Double Argh! BRANDON! I need help!!
This is from his phone, bless his heart. My 40-year old husband is nice. 
See how the beauty was other-worldly? TWO sunsets (one courtesy of the garage window, but who's checking)!
I love this sweet family of mine. Life is good.