Two Happy Quilts

'Tis a happy day on the blog, because I get to share two quilts I've been working on over the last couple of months.
First, a lime green/plum/turquoise feast for the eyes. Actually, I made the center square last March during a visit with HB. I finally found a home for it in the middle of some leftover HSTs made into pinwheels (my first try at these and I'm hooked). Beauty, eh?
Of course, my finish line is when Annie helps me take pictures out on the front porch, then gives a little snuggle send off.
The second quilt is an entirely different feast for the eyes. Mint and mustard and peach and navy, swoon. 

The creativity in quilting without a pattern is both awesome and awful. In each step of building these quilts, I worried about minute details, sure I would make a lasting creative mistake and ruin everything. So much freedom and yet, so much potential to crash and burn.
Over the last few months, I've been feeling the same way about the future. Each decision has seemed so delicate, so worrisome. 
And yet...
Do you see any of the creative struggle in these finished quilts? Do you notice below where I perhaps should have placed a mint triangle where a cream one went, or should have quilted with mustard thread instead of peach? Nope. Nada. 
This is how it is for almost all my quilts. Once the binding's on and Annie's snuggling them on the front porch, all fear has dissipated and in its place, delight. A beautiful, finished product.
And so it will be with our lives too, I think. The details need not be fretted about too painstakingly, as long as the process moves forward with care, the steps discussed and thought-through as a family around the dining room table, just as it was with each of these quilts.
There's quite of bit of relief in that realization.
Here's the final hold-up and send off from our snuggle master. She's the best.
 Both quilts are headed to a silent auction for our beloved Ft. Hill Presbyterian Preschool next weekend. 
Happy to share the quilty love.


Emily said…
I feel the same way about painting that you do about quilting. :) Thanks for sharing your wise thoughts sis!
walt or jean said…
These quilts and the "snugger" are exquisite. The process you described is so true.
Love you!