Zoo Day in November

Right before Thanksgiving, the kids and I found ourselves with a free Monday off when we really should have been a school (thank you Pickens County Schools) so we actually went and did something out of the ordinary.
I know, crazy, right?
First we went to Costco. We sampled and purchased and pizza-ed and churro-ed and my sweet Zane said, "You know mom, even if we didn't make it to the zoo, we could call this a great outing!" He gets me. But no, we drove 10 more minutes into Greenville proper and found a nearly empty zoo parking lot (my favorite kind). We paid our money, got our adventure maps, and were OFF.
Guess what, we had a GREAT time!
This little zoo was just the right size for about and hour's worth of exploring, housed just enough exotic animals (see the leopard above? cheetah? I'm hopeless.) to feel like we'd stepped into a different world, and I found myself feeling relaxed and happy throughout our afternoon visit there. Perhaps I should have climbed up onto the bear myself, eh?
 The weather was really nice (and all the leaves hadn't fallen, a perk I'm missing now that it's mid-January) and near the end of our visit, we found ourselves in this little play garden with a pull-wagon for the little and a xylophone for my budding percussionist. (Jon, this is also the moment I learned Tina was going to get you a KITTY after all these years! It just felt right to be among the animals in that moment!) 

I'm so thankful to call these monkeys (oh we loved the monkeys) mine. Great day at the zoo!


walt or jean said…
I love how you make small and simple into much more.