Silly Soren

Soren is at the age where almost everything he says is hilarious for one reason or another.
 Here are a few of the latest funnies:
We went through a phase about a month ago where Soren's reply to everything I said was, "Mom, serious?" complete with an "Are you kidding me?" face attached.
"Soren, where you going?" "Mom, serious? I'm going to my class!" 
"Soren, why do you want for lunch?" "Mom, serious? I want a jam sandwich!"
"Soren, why are you wearing those glasses?" "Mom, serious? They are my BUILDING glasses!"
 He's since stopped doing it. Shame.
Yesterday, I subbed in Soren's primary class. At one (particularly chaotic) point, I asked all the children to get to their seats and CHILL already. Soren did this:

When asked just what he was doing, Soren replied, "I'm MEDITATING." Of course you are. Except for a few weeks ago when you were striking this same pose (complete with an open-then-closed mouth saying, "Ommmm") and when I asked what you were doing, you said, "Mom, serious? I'm just trying to catch bugs with my mouth."
Speaking of church, Sunday mornings not Soren's favorite. He usually doesn't want to go to church (he doesn't ever want to come home from church either), and will argue his cause in different ways. One morning, while lying in bed, he said this: 
"I can't go to church." 
"Why not, love?" 
"I'm too eshausted (spelling error on purpose to hear his little voice in there)."
 "Oh yeah, why are you exhausted?" 
BIG sigh. 
"I'm too eshausted from all this sleeping."
Other mornings, Soren is usually the first one up and ready for action. He'll come bounding into our bed, wondering if it's morning time yet. He'll say, "Hmm, let's check the weather" then he'll go on the weather app and see if it has the moon and clouds (before 7am) or sunshine. If it's still the moon, he'll give a disappointed "Aahh," then snuggle in with us and count the long seconds until "morning." Sometimes, though, he gets too restless. One of this favorite things to say is, "Uh-oh, I think my hand is hungry for TICKLES!!!" Then he'll attack his popsy and giggle, oh how he will giggle. I will giggle too, because it's funny to watch B get woken up and not be able to be grumpy about it. 
Some of you may have heard our football team did pretty well this year. One Saturday a few weeks ago, we were trying to deliver baked potatoes to Zane's swim meet (across from the stadium) and we happened to run into 50,000 other people, going to some kind of parade and ceremony. Soren said, "All this noise hurts my brain!" He also says this about my singing most days!
Soren is a ninja more often than not. This day, the ninja fought the Yogurt.....and lost. 
This last one's not as funny as it is just kind of adorable. One night, Annie and Soren made rockets out of boxes. (Thank you, PBS kids!) They were very creative in their helmets and Soren insisted on a selfie or two.
That's it for now! Just come over, you'll leave tickled (literally and figuratively).


walt or jean said…
He's an original! Quirky! Love that boy so much!
wyomingmom said…
Where to these things come from. They totally make me laugh.