Seasons' change

These are more from last fall. Oh how I'd love to have those yellow gingko trees leaves back! But not if it would mean going back before all the holiday chaos. I couldn't do all that again, thank you very much! 
I love how nature has the power to stop you in your tracks. This day was a multiple stop-and-"gasp!" day. Autumn was undeniable: "I am AUTUMN! HEAR ME ROAR!" 
January's roar: not quite as charming. There are 2-hour school delays in January though (two of them this week, even though all traces of snow had vanished the day prior). If I can't have yellow leaves, at least I can have a few more moments of shuteye in the mornings.
Spring, you anywhere close?


walt or jean said…
Snow days are like bonus points that come right when you need them.