New Year's Eve Happiness + First Snow day of 2017

Happy New Year! 
We started the year off right, with dear friends and GREAT food. 
(And of course, my too-brown-for-pictures walls.)
Lots of outside play, but no snow, unfortunately.
Still, games, spa treatments from the ladies above, breakfasts to die for, desserts!!!, octopus and rabbit in one weekend, mashed potatoes that lasted for days after, sigh. Wonderful stuff, all of it.

Then, just a week after they all went home, the snow decided to show. It started on a Friday evening and we were pretty sure we would have sledding weather when we woke up; instead, we woke up to a dusting--JUST enough to even call it snow. So we threw on our garden boots (Z and A) (Soren got to wear some amazing snow boots left over from Z in Idaho that KEEP FITTING year to year--miracle of the snow boots) and played in our yard instead. 
The snow was heavy and cumbersome, so the kids got out shovels and rakes to help. I prefer the camera!
There were also lots of snowballs thrown, from the very start. 
Look at this poor branch in our driveway. It got a little too much of that happy, heavy white stuff. 
 Annie got invited over to a friend's house, so Z walked her over there while Pops, Soren, and I enjoyed more winter activities at home.

 For some reason, He knew this was a thing and plopped right down in the snow at one point:
 He also enjoyed getting pulled through the semi-snow, thank you Pops! (Look at all those funny little grasses poking up! Semi-snow indeed!)
 What did Soren do to show his thanks for the sleigh ride? Beaned Brandon multiple times with snowballs, no less! I would have stopped him but it was so funny how they kept sticking.
Walking in a winter wonderland... 
 Next, around back for more fun. 
Wall climbing is a little tricky, for both boys big and small (especially with mom's slippery GREEN garden boots, good sporting, Z).
 Then Soren spotted me and snowball attack 2.0 was ON. Little stinker.
Finally, a way to get mom and her pesky camera to retreat! I ran for the hills aka hot chocolate in the warm house. 
Happy snow day, everyone! 


wyomingmom said…
love, love, love the posts What a great holiday time and as an extra bonus it is over and you don't have to do it again for quite a while.:)