Captured Moments during Stones' Visit

This really is how December felt to me. Bright, exciting, but oh so blurry! This year, lucky for all of us, my parents came for a good chunk of our holiday festivities.First up was a swim meet and the Nutcracker, all within 24 hours of arriving! I don't have pictures of the swim meet, but let's remember that Zane got two state cuts that day! I think. Remember the blur? Still happening. Here are a few snippets with our Nutcracker girl. First, backstage and downstairs in her dressing room. This group of girls got to have their own space this year, with real movie star lights to boot! Annie love love loved this detail. Here she is in her party scene costume (complete with ginormous bow):
And later, here are some "Mother Ginger" girls (some a little more serious than others about taking pictures!). These costumes were exquisite (and itchy!).
Here she is (with that elusive mom of hers!) in her small flower costume, her final number being the famous "Waltz of the Flowers." I honestly felt like I was taking a picture with a famous ballerina in this picture--such grace and beauty, I'm so proud to call her mine! Love you Annie, congratulations on a job well done and a BEAUTIFUL performance.
(One more from the stage before dress rehearsal):
We introduced my parents to the world of Tsum Tsums and in turn, they got my kiddos their very first in-real-life-and-not-just-on-mom's-phone stuffies! (Yes, aunt Ashley, a bit of a doubling up with a few of them, but no worries, now two people can have Dory and Nemo! Double celebrations Christmas morning thanks to sweet cousins!)

I just liked the excuse to take pictures of all these people I love. Even in my brown-on-beige-on-brown living room!
Sorry mom, couldn't resist sharing your impression of the whale calling for "DOOOOOOORRRRYYY!"
Love those Tsums Tsums!
One of Annie's friends gave her a dozen roses for Nutcracker and those beautiful flowers lasted the rest of the visit! All through the meals and the games and the puzzles and the treats, they shown their holiday cheer and really added a perfect touch to an already special time together. I love these folks of mine.
Final morning picture! (Look, my Z is getting taller. And enjoy Annie's leopard socks, please.)


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Precious happy times.