Happy chaos stamp/star quilt

Okay, so I actually have one more quilt to share this year.
And yes, it's almost more of a placemat. :) But it took so. much. work! So we're splitting the difference and calling it a baby quilt. A happy chaos stamp baby quilt. With some star bursts in there too, just for fun.
My idea started when I found those wonderfully colorful houses this summer on my annual Utah fabric hunt. I was pretty sure I had a bunch of colorful scraps I could use (and use up!) to surround them somehow. Sure enough, collection was pretty easy once I started digging through my scrap piles back home. It was the looooong process of sewing together each 2.5 square I wasn't anticipating. Took forever. Like, maybe 20 hours, over the course of many weeks, maybe more? I don't like to think about it. :) It's over now, all's forgotten, thank heavens.
I had an additional quilt holder helper the morning of this shoot. Pretty sure he was camouflaged in all that color, but he was there. And here's the back, a bit of a (still colorful) sigh of relief, no?
Although it isn't quite big enough to fit around both bodies (hence the placemat imagery), Annie managed to snuggle in for a few minutes before it was sent off to its new owner (my VT partner who was pleased that it almost exactly fits into a pack-n-play. Thinks I did it that way on purpose, ha!).
 A few details here for me to remember: I know the houses get a little lost in the smattering, but up close they are still soooo delicious. And I'm slowly but surely using my little mer-made tags from AC and her mama. Love you gal.
So there you have it! One more quilt for the books. My next quilt will be full of very LARGE quilt blocks.


wyomingmom said…
It is a happy quilt. I love it.
ash said…
Those houses! Seriously the cutest fabric EVER! What a fun and happy quilt.