Thanksgiving in Gville

We just got home from a fantastic few days in our old stomping grounds.
Lions and tigers and gators, oh my!
We have fantastic friends who host us and feed us and entertain all our wild requests and in return, I try not to bug by taking too many pictures. Plus, sometimes it's nice to just be in the moment, you know?
One afternoon, though, we went over to our old student housing and walked like we used to past the student gardens to see the alligators at lake Alice. Perfect camera time. 
Soren insisted on bringing his "inja tuhtle" along.

Oh, the moss. I can't say I've missed the moss, but it does make quite a statement, doesn't it? 
Here's our "group." I'm so sneaky.
And here's Mr. Alligator. Too close, wasn't I? 
Yeah, decision-making lapse there, sorry readers-who-are-also-gramas. Thank goodness we're still around to tell the tale.
Bigger kids, but still enjoying each other's company. As parents, we couldn't ask for better.
Okay, maybe this is better.
We walked a little more around the lake, enjoying the weather, remembering fun (and nervous) moments with our neighborhood gators, then said goodbye to that special place for another couple of whiles.
Well, okay, one more moss shot. It's the sun flare's fault.
We so enjoyed our time in Gville. Thanks to all who made our visit delightful! 


walt or jean said…
We are so pleased that you continue to connect with your dear friends and places. Precious memories current and past. Love ya all very much.
ash said…
A perfect little getaway to someplace familiar with people you love! I'm so happy for you!