Popsy's Phone Pics

You might have been wondering where Zane has been during all this autumn picture taking. The words "divide and conquer" come to mind. There is usually more than one destination on the calendar during the weekend and more often than not, B and Z stick together. One activity they have been involved in multiple times now is the renting of chair backs at Clemson Football games (with proceeds going to the middle school band wherein Z acts as percussion section leader these days). At first glance, this seems like an awesome deal--work the pre-game, get into the game for free! However, then one remembers how loooooong football games are and that part of the chair back rentals gig is retrieving said chair backs after everyone has left. Add all that to the couple of hours early they have to be at the stadium (make that three!), and basically they are away from home 11-12 hours. Phew! At least the Tigers won the first game the boys worked, as evidenced by the happy phone pics below (not quite the same outcome this last Saturday):
 (Homemade lanyard for the "employee" badge--Z remembered a real one for the next one)
Anyway, if Zane's not at swim practice, he and Brandon are probably out having fun together. 

And now that I've said that, one night last week I had the privilege of taking Zane to the CU percussion ensemble concert (which totally rocked!) while the other kids got to join their Pops for an evening of basketball. And popcorn. Emphasis on the popcorn.
I used to have to request pictures but now B just knows. Soren's poses must be documented.

Yesterday in church, the bishop's teenage daughter was giving a talk on family councils. She said, "No families are perfect, at least I know MINE isn't," which garnered a chuckle from the crowd. Soren, on my lap and apparently listening along while he ate his snack of raisins and cheerios, replied "Mine is," just loud enough for me to hear it and make my day.  Perhaps he's not ALL turkey pants.

One more Soren quote. We were at the Publix deli counter today and I was trying to have him try some cheese. "Pleh, Blech, YUCK!" he said after attempting some provolone. 
"So you're saying you're not a big cheese guy?" I asked.
"No, I a SMALL cheese guy...........actually, I a dessert guy!"
CheeseCAKE, maybe. A fellow after my own heart.


ash said…
Heavens! The Ross Family is busy! We love watching the games on TV knowing that Brandon and Zane are in the stadium somewhere.

Thanks for the Soren quotes. They make my day! We still use the quote he said here about our scary Harry Potter poster, and my all-time favorite "Dee-wish-us!"
walt or jean said…
Could your children thrill us any more than they DO!?
wyomingmom said…
Gotta love those kiddos.