"Make a pile and jump right in, jump right in, jump right in...."

At preschool we've been singing all kinds of autumn songs. One favorite (to the tune of "London Bridge") is "All the leaves are falling down." Falling down, falling down, you get the picture. Second verse: take a rake and rake them up, etc, (last line, of course: it is autumn!). But the third verse is the one with all the REAL action. Or the make-believe action on the preschool rug. "Make a pile and JUMP right in, JUMP right in, JUMP right in (you get it--JUMP on the JUMP)."
I didn't realize how big of an impact this song was having on my little buddy until today when we were for reals raking [billions and billions of] leaves and he said, "Can we make a pile and JUMP (while JUMPING) right in?" 
Well of course we can! So I gathered a small bit of the mass into a pile ("Whoa, that's a leaf mountain!" he said), and we began our song. "All the leaves are falling down.......take your rake and rake them up.....it is autumn!"
Then, "make a pile and JUMP right in! JUMP right in! JUMP right in! Make a pile and JUMP right in!"
 It is Autumn!
 I love it when I can come through for this kid on the "fun parent" scale. Sure, I do it mainly for the pictures. But he doesn't need to know that.
 Do you know, this week I was sneaking outside for a minute so I said to him, 
"Soren, I'm going outside for a minute, you be safe ok?" 
"Ok mom!" 
"Ok, I love you!" 
"I love you too mom..................actually, I don't!" 
Insert cry/laugh emoji here, please!
Turkey pants, but I love him anyway. 
 At one point he was in all the way to his head: "I'm camouflaged mom!"
 Then: "This is getting in my UNDERwear."
And with that, we were through! 
Later, we picked up Annie from Nutcracker practice. "We have a leaf MOUNTAIN for you, Annie!" exclaimed Soren. "That's all right, I'm not really into that anymore," was her reply.
Then she saw the leaf mountain. "Well, maybe just one big jump!"
They played for another long while until again, the underwear problem. 
"Tuck your shirt into your pants! IT! IS! AUTUMN!"


walt or jean said…
Those are some very precious smiles you captured. "Jump right in," is a good script for life. Thanks so much for sharing.
ash said…
Happiness captured (until the underwear problem). Thank goodness Annie isn't too old for leaves!