Halloween 2016

Halloween caught us a little bit by surprise this year, I think because it fell on a Monday. The weekend before was life as usual and then BAM! it was Halloween, amidst school and work and spin class and swim team and ballet and all the rest. Soren and I did manage to buy fruit for the 3rd grade party approximately 13 minutes before it was expected in the classroom, AND I even helped dish out the dry-iced spooooooky beverage while we were there. See, we're hanging in there!
As for costumes this year, well, Annie was a kitty ballerina (double win, as it worked for both ballet and the trick or tricking immediately following, and consisted of kitty ears and eyeliner) and Soren was a race car driver (costume compliments of our neighbor Kaya, who also supplied Soren with those fantastic birks you might have seen all summer). 
 Zane was a dead boy scout. I emailed the pic to a friend and got this reply: "Remember when our kids were little?" 
(Makeup job by B, he is clutch in so many arenas--kids, when you're dating someone, make sure at least one of you can apply costume makeup! Very important in a marriage.) 
He trick or treated elsewhere in a sheepish but effective, "Sorry, it will just be way more fun this way" gesture. Can you blame him, with this companion?
Z already has bigger plans for next year. "Bike trick-or-treating," he tells me later that night. "Most coverage in the least amount of time." Sigh. Back to my littles.
This was the first time Soren got to join in the house-to-house fun. It was like opening Pandora's box, people. It only took a few houses before he started RUNNING, BAG OPEN to the next place. "I just LOVE Halloween!" 
It was also the PERFECT night out, warm enough for Annie's tank top, light breeze, sun setting in beautiful autumnal hues. I almost found myself ENJOYING the fun (gasp!). Sure, then the sun went down and Soren started getting tired (all that running arms outstretched!) and when I asked how he was feeling, he told me his costume was getting a little "holdie tightie." So we circled the cul-de-sac and made our way home. Annie passed out candy the rest of the night, which I think she enjoyed just as much. She too is a home body.
Success and a half, even with no time for carving pumpkins this year. Luckily, our resident squirrel came through for us again, carving and eating his way all through our biggest one as it sat on our front porch this last week. You're welcome, eager-beaver-squirrel-pants! 


walt or jean said…
Perfect ages for Halloween happiness.
ash said…
I can totally imagine Soren running from house to house. That makes trick-or-treating so fun. Annie is darling. But BIKE TRICK-OR-TREATING!??!?!??! Genius!

Love the costumes. Love the kids!