"Fhankful Tree 2016"

It's mid-November and you know what that means: time for our once-a-year Family Home Evening reflection on all that we are thankful for! It is through this "tradition" I see why traditions really are cool: the kids totally look forward to it (although daylight savings really hit Soren hard and if I remember correctly he was upstairs looking for jammies and a bed screaming, "Don't sing! Stop singing!!" while the rest of us were at the table trying for an opening hymn), it brings us together as a family for more than four and a half minutes (well, four out of five ain't bad, folks), and it gives me a great reason to go out and take pictures in my front yard (which happens to be ridiculous in its beauty right now).
We have some new additions to the yard brilliance this year. These little, unassuming bushes I planted last summer have been turning into "burning bushes" by light of dusk the past few nights. 
 As the sun got lower and lower, the color just popped. Perfect spot for the Thankful tree.

Of course, it's hard to pick out all the thankful gems. Note the most important ones (by chance) in yellow: Mom, Pops, water, sleep, Jesus, Stuffys (baba). Also good are braces, Colors (purple, blue, and green) and Publix ("where shopping is a pleasure!" Annie wrote); mom's cooking, the plan of salvation, percussion, the scriptures, AND 'Survivor' (Zane is my favorite 12 year old); hard work and prestressed concrete (any guesses?); and for me, well, I cut out the leaves and dealt with the 4-year old so I'm thankful for family members who would fill up the thankful tree while I worked!

Gone were the typos this year, but I was still heart-warmed because "2016 Thankful tree" looked a little more like "2016 Fhankful tree"--and that will be enough to remember it by.
 Speaking of my yard, here are some pictures from 10 minutes later.
Notice how the burning bush kept getting more and more brilliant!
Kids, ever wonder what your piano teacher does while she waits for you to arrive for a lesson? Front yard pictures!
Thank you Fhankful tree 2016!


walt or jean said…
Stunning pictures! We are thankful for you-all!
ash said…
Mom and Mom's cooking? Total win right there! I also spy NYC. You got a double whammy this year and I love that your kiddos are thankful for it too.

I love your Fhankful Tree tradition!
wyomingmom said…
How fun that your yard is so gorgeous and your family so thankful.