Fall (and by fall I mean all year) quilting

One more quilt done this year! I think that makes two total. :)
The Gingko Tree is about to drop all its leaves, so I made the troops go out there today and take pictures.
My how I love this tree!
Oh yeah, back to the quilt! My friend helped me pick out fabrics for this LAST THANKSGIVING. 
I finally figured out what design I wanted sometime in February I think. 
I got it all sewn up and ready to start quilting in time for April conference. 
Little by little (by little by little) I hand-stitched more and more triangles until our long drive to NJ/NY in June, when I believe I finished it up around hour 11 (and wondered what I would do the whole way home!). 
Got home, went to Utah for the summer, hemmed and hawed about the binding, decided on white for a pattern of sorts (still not sure about it, but thankfully I don't care anymore--it's done and that's most important!), sewed the back binding on just in time for October Conference, when I hand sewed it to the front (and stayed awake! double win!) and voila! 
Done done done. And done.
I was all set to keep this one. We have even, kept it in our house this last month+. But then one of Brandon's favorite colleagues/students got married and we couldn't travel to the wedding but will be seeing them later this week and so, yeah, gonna give it to them. Sorry Mom, I know you wish I'd keep one at some point!
Here's a little bit of the hand sewing detail:
Big shouts out to my helpers, who stood on tippy toes and were good sports during the photo shoot.
Annie just wanted to "snuggle in it one more time."
So yeah, not keeping the quilt. Keeping the tree though!
 (Cheater picture from last week when some of the leaves were still green)


walt or jean said…
The master's touch. How beautiful! Each stitch sewn with love.
ash said…
You do amazing work, lady! This one is so beautiful!
wyomingmom said…
Beautiful quilt. So glad you kept the tree - and Annie!