There's Still Hope

See that fellow down there? The adorable/maddening one in the blue dino pjs?
The kid is addicted to screens.
I blame potty training. After what seemed like an ETERNITY of unsuccessful rewards, it was the action light bulb: if he went potty in the morning when he woke up, he could play on the 'puter. If he went potty when we got home from the gym, he could play on my phone. If he went #2 at any point in the entire day, he could play dad's tablet. It was genius until.....our entire day was mapped out by 400 different screens.
Sigh. At least he uses the potty, people!!
So, it's been a bit of a struggle to scale back on the screen time. BUT! Sometimes he does, and then he builds things like this all by himself and I think to myself that maybe, just maybe, he hasn't been stunted for life.


walt or jean said…
Nice architecture and building skills. Maybe he learned it from a screen.
ash said…
Excellent building, Soren!

Good luck with the screens, lady. I feel like it's the curse of the youngest child to love the digital.