Hurricane Matthew and Another Kind of Hurricane

A hurricane passed through our state this weekend. A big hurricane. An epic hurricane. Hurricane Matthew. Lucky for us, we live in the very northwestest corner of SC, and when you looked at the weather in motion map, even the outermost portion of the rain circle (let alone the eye of the storm) ended just to the east of us. 
Meaning that we got a puddle or two worth of rain one day and a bit of wind the next. Meh. 
This post isn't really about hurricane Matthew though. It's about the hurricane living in my house.
This kid. It's quite amazing how similar he is to a hurricane sometimes. Unpredictable. Capable of much mayhem, depending on his mood and direction. Irresistible to watch as he carves out his daily path. 
Not sure the hurricanes are as adorable as him as he does "tooty tah" at preschool though.


walt or jean said…
Love that little hurricane of yours. He gives new meaning to the word hurricane and the word unique.