Front Yard Tee Ball

Between that last post and this one, I went on my third annual girls trip to NYC. Woot woot! Best time ever. I promise to blog it soon, while it's all still floating happily around in my head. Until then, back to life in SC.
Autumn has arrived, although the weather is still getting up into the mid-to-high 80s in the day, phew! Interestingly enough, the leaves are changing and falling regardless of high temps; they're coordinating well with my preschool songs, "It's Autumntime" and "All the Leaves are Falling Down," thank you, leaves! 
 Life is ridiculously full and busy, very big scale and "part of the larger picture" most days. Yet, as I'm putting together another book from my past blog posts (volume 6! Longwinded!), I'm remembering that it's the small scale stuff that's most fun to return to. Stuff like how Soren calls it, "Tronk (rhymes with honk!) or Treat" this year. Or, like this moment last night when we were waiting for B and Z to get home from swim practice and my last piano student had left and the sun was just right and it was time for a little front yard TEE BALL.
Fantastic, right? This is why I continue to blog! That closed-eyes-while-you-swing-with-autumn-all-around-you moment is one I need to remember when it's freezing outside or Soren's being a turkey pants or I just need to remember in general how sweet of a life I lead.
And yes, I should have probably stopped at the one photo and moved on with life. But I didn't, and here's the rest of the footage (for prosperity!). 
Showing me his pinky finger these days instead of his "tall man" finger, thank heavens:
He was way into the posing thing last night. Swing the bat, strike a pose. Run around the bases, strike a pose. Mom puts the camera to her face, Soren poses. Unless he's too busy running!
My house here continues to make my heart happy. It seems like a perfect background prop here, no? And Annie is a wonderful older sister/kid sitter to her little brother. The best.
So yes, life in all its routine busy-ness will continue. But the unplanned, extra sweet moments are what I want to remember.
(Yesterday was Soren's first time wearing this shirt. As I put it on, I read outloud, "Don't worry, I'm a ninja!" He looked down and said, "That's not a ninja, that's uh egg!" Then, throughout the day, he would come over to me and whisper, "Don't worry, I uh egg!")


walt or jean said…
What a perfect playground. Love the poses! Beautiful trees and kids. I'm also u egg.
ash said…
Oh, I miss your happy South Carolina yard and your sweet kiddos! What a lovely time of year!