And then she was 9....

This little lady (and she truly is turning into quite a little lady) turned 9 a couple weeks ago. Her birthday was on a Sunday, which for some would be a bummer but for Annie was perfect because she loves church (her mother's daughter), especially when the choir sings (her mother's daughter) and she loves coming home and relaxing afterwards (her father's daughter) and eating cupcakes (her brothers' sister). Throw in some special bday cards from faraway family members, a few new art supplies, and an outfit or two and voila: you have absolute perfection.
Well, absolute perfection would have been if I had gotten the fancy flash-diffuser light thingy on the camera before B took these shots.
Here we go. Cupcake sandwiches are better with the flash diffused.
Annie, you're the best. Thank you so much for being part of this family so I don't have to deal solely with BOYS.


walt or jean said…
Definitely her grandparents' granddaughter.
ash said…
Happy Birthday, dear Annie!

We love you. Thanks for letting us share your weekend a little bit.