Alyson's visit: Clemson vs. Louisville game

Last weekend, Brandon's sister Alyson joined us for a few days of football fun. That one team we root for was playing another really good team and since Alyson and Brandon are super-albeit-long-distance Clemson football buddies (via play-by-play texts as often as possible), we had a hunch this would be a really great game for her to come to. You know, over the river (Mississippi) and through the woods (Rockies), it's cool.
She arrived in time for a trip to the botanical gardens with Soren and me (not quite autumn around here yet, but not hot and sweaty as early as 10am anymore, thankfully!):
She also was fantastically brave and went mountain biking with these two die-hards Saturday morning:
But really, most of our time together was spent preparing for, participating in, or smiling about the big football game. Annie was over the moon about these nail stamps. I watched and watched and still don't quite have any idea how it worked, but I know that it scored Alyson points big time in the "awesome aunt" category.
Oh, the game! First of all, I feel like night football games are insane to begin with, folks having tailgated for approximately 12 hours BEFORE the thing even starts, then having to be enthusiastic for 3-4 MORE hours when really they should all be IN BED. Still, even I will admit it's quite a sight to see, up there in the upper deck, waiting for the magic to happen.
And magic DID happen, although again, if you ask me, it's all just a little too stressful. In fact, I had to turn it off mid-3rd quarter when things were going downhill. It wasn't until I heard celebratory screaming throughout the neighborhood around midnight that I ventured back to the live coverage, just in time to see our opponents almost get a touch down (incomplete pass in the end zone), then not make a fourth down conversion, and our boys take a victory knee. PHEW!
And then I went to bed.
And TWO HOURS LATER, my people returned. Traffic, yikes!
Next time, they are just going to walk home from the stadium.
Still.....pretty cool and all.
Alyson also came through with two delicious recipes for a brunch we were hosting Sunday morning for the young single adults in our ward. Can you say Sausage Breakfast Casserole and Apple Brown Sugar French Toast? Deeeeeeee-licious.

We loved having you Alyson! Thanks for your school spirit and your enjoyment of us and your all- around awesomeness.