Weekend Mountain Biking

On Saturday, Brandon got a last-minute request to help a favorite fellow move his family just northwest of us. As in, North Carolina, you know, it's cool. Brandon and Zane took their mountain bikes and were able to get in a {real, mountain} bike ride in the, ahem, mountains nearby. 
B is not sure how he lucked out to have a kid interested in both swimming AND mountain biking, his own two favorite activities, but we'll take it! Here are just a few pictures from their ride.
Mushrooms! I love how one is untouched and the other is, well, snacked on a bit. Munch munch.
Schoolhouse falls, one of the highlights of the ride. Waterfalls crop up all over the place here, it's really cool.
 I'm thinking Zane might have wanted to combine swimming and mountain biking at that instant and jump IN to schoolhouse falls, but he didn't. Drier ride home that way, but only slightly. It's so humid here!
 And how about this guy? Holy beehive!
Thanks to B for the pictures. Happy memory.