Guess who finally got to go to preschool this morning?!
He's a honeybee. He can't be more excited. When I asked what he thought he might do his first day, he said, "Maybe make honey?!" 
He will go twice a week for real, then one more time with me as music teacher's kid.  He's got his Mariokart backpack and he is READY.
He's also super darling and I love him to bits.
Oh, and here we are afterwards, with his first take-home activity. Honeycombs, anyone?
Hooray for onward and upward!
Oh, and speaking of onward and upward, we said goodbye to our red car this morning after 11 years of running it into the ground.
See that fellow in the passenger seat there? He was six teeny months old when we got this car. He's a little sad, but I'm pretty sure all will be well once he can spread out in the backseat of the Sienna.
(Yes, you heard right. I can't wait for extra seats! Now when you come visit, we will actually be able to transport you around! Imagine it!)