Labor Day on Lake Keowee

We had the super happy opportunity to join our good friends on their boat for Labor Day. It was a beautiful day and we all took turns on their beloved "Super Mable" tube. Yes, you heard that right, we ALL took turns, including me (usually the party pooper)! Sure, my turn lasted approximately 5 minutes and Soren was right next to me so you can imagine how hard core the ride was, but I was on and I made B take a picture so it was totally bonafide.
Speaking of Soren, he was a trooper! Usually we go swimming at these folks' house, so the whole time out, he kept asking "Please we find the pool now?" Luckily (?), he'd had a rough night the night before and went from Mable-ing to questioning to sagging to full-on sleeping about halfway through the outing.
I took a bunch of tubing pictures, but turns out they all look about the same and this was the best of the bunch. Both Zane and Annie had an absolute blast, tubing and falling (Zane) and tubing and falling (Zane) and tubing and ....well, you get the picture. 
We feel so grateful to our friends for inviting us to enjoy the beauty of our area in this way. Until next time!