Disc Golf and BBQ for a Birthday

Zane, he has to deal with a lot with B and I as parents. I think we've told him he could have a birthday party for the last two years in a row, then just "never got around" planning anything. Bums! Sorry Zane! 
This year, if things would have been left to me, I fear we would have had another repeat performance. Turns out, birthday parties aren't my thing! Luckily for Zane, his dad really likes disc golf and bbq. AND his dad was going to have to be out of town for the actual birthday, so was feeling a little EXTRA guilty. Lo and behold, two and two together make a birthday party sometimes! 
Brandon really came through this time, in fact. After the idea was formed, he worked with Z to get emails/write an invite (holy moly, asking middle schoolers to get other middle schoolers' parents' emails is almost worse than planning a birthday party), and he even managed to buy water bottles and frisbees before the day of the party! I know! 
The day wasn't without its hiccups. Annie ended up having Nutcracker rehearsal RIGHT SMACK in the middle of the party, in Seneca 30 minutes away. So, after dropping her off early, I raced back over to be part of the welcoming committee ("Hi, nice to meet you, now pose!"):
 Lucky for them, I could only stay long enough to witness/photograph the first toss before me and the 4 year old turkey pants (who literally RAN every time I pointed the camera in his direction, see below, hence the label) had to be back on our way over to the ballet studio.
 B had to recruit help for the transportation of boys from the disc course to Smokin' Pig, and it turned out to be his helper's birthday as well! What a nice fellow down there in black, and I'm told there were a few birthday selfies taken. I'll have to request and add them in.  
 I have to switch gears just a bit here. I had this perfect moment at the studio where Soren was doing his thing he always does there JUST as Annie was doing her thing she always does in the room beyond. The girls were taking turns LEAPING in the front of the circle, so I had a couple of chances to try and catch her in motion. As for Soren, he's always in motion.
Be still my mommy heart, sweet Annie girl! So glad letting her participate in ballet is easier than planning birthday parties!

 When Annie's rehearsal was over, we sped over to Smoking' Pig, where the boys had just arrived and were ordering deliciousness. Stars aligned, hooray! Kids ate (and even ordered different then shared sides, so they could all have a taste of the different bits of happiness that is sides at the Smoking' Pig--who are these brilliant young men?), I took blurry pictures, everyone was happy.
Happy birthday, Z Ross Awesome Sauce! Thank you for not being the jokester in this last picture! That alone might score you another birthday party. :) As long as your Pops will plan and carry it out. Disc golf and bbq again next year, anyone?


walt or jean said…
Looks like a blast! Happy birthday to a uniquely amazing kid.