Clemson Classic 2016

Another swim meet is in the books! Zane shined once more, that kid is ridiculous. :) Speaking of Zane, can you find him in the picture below? 
This meet already showed the maturity of my now-twelve-year-old, as he left eeeeeearly to warm-up with the big kids, was okay when I had to miss his first big event to take his sister to Nutcracker practice,  and did a remarkable job with  his first (tough!) event, the 400 IM. When I picked him up to take him home for lunch, he laughed and said, "I was pretty tired after the first 100 (butterfly)." Well, later we found out that he put up a fast enough split in the 100 butterfly (1:16.70) to qualify for state. I guess that would make a body tired, eh?!
After lunch, I dropped him back at the pool and went to get my Annie. She is such an outstanding student over there at Foothills Dance. But I'll save that for another post.
I missed Zane's 7:00.03 500 free (sorry not sorry, hee hee), but heard the news that his made personal bests in his 50 and 100 splits (32.91 and 1:11.85). Phew! I did make it back for the next race, a 200 IM.
Now, break in the action. Have you seen the commercial lately where someone is taping something REALLY cool or REALLY important and at the last second, the "NOT ENOUGH SPACE" message flashes on the screen and they MISS IT?!?!
Yeah well, that exact thing happened to me. Zane swam a 2:41 race. I got 2:40 of it. Enjoy (shudder).  ;) Zane is in lane 5, from the top. (So he ALMOST catches up to his competition.....and then the video runs out.)
Splits were 33.25 (butterfly) (another STATE CUT!), 44.08 (back), 47.23 (breast), and 37.16 (free).

 I had every intention of getting back for his next event, but things were running long at the pool and it all the sudden bumped into getting Annie out the door to a touring production of Cinderella the Musical at the Performing Arts Hall on campus with our sweet neighbors. Soren and I pulled up just in time to get this text from Brandon (who was on-deck officiating all day):
" Zane got state cut in 50 back."
Now, I should explain. Zane has always thought of himself as a butterfly-er. NEVER a back stroker. Until today. When I saw him and his big grin, he said, "I don't know what happened! It used to be my least favorite stroke, but now it's definitely my second favorite!" Well there you go.
Time was 34.71.
Soren and I stuck around for Zane's final race of the day, 200 free. Bless the heart of this little brother, trying out new ways to block out the never-ending noise! 
Here's half of the race. I didn't learn my lesson from the first space fail. Double shudder. Zane's in lane 4 this time.
2:33.92 was the final time. 
Zane, you're my hero. Keep up the fantastic work, dude.
That was a long, detailed update! I'm either very cool or very ridiculous. :)


wyomingmom said…
Love hearing and seeing Zane swim. The only problem is that I don't know which one was Zane. Knew he was in the middle- but the top or the bottom? Please inform so I know which one to cheer for.
Sorry about that, I always forget to add lane lines! He was in lane 5 for the IM and lane 4 for the Free (which he hadn't swam before so he had a NT and was with kids much lower than his skill level).