Week 4 in Utah, Pt. 4: Sammie's shower and Sundance

Saturday we split up a little, women and girls heading to J and T's for my cousin Sammie's baby shower, men and boys heading to E and H's to help them move. Good thing there are so many of us! Sammie's baby is just a week old and he was adorable! And it's always nice to have an excuse to get together.
 Best of luck to you, Sammie! What a cutie!
Later that night, we joined Linds for a Zupa's dinner, then rode with her, Ashley, and Derek up to Sundance for their summer musical theatre production of "The Music Man." Finally, some real mountains and lower temps!
 It was a magical evening, made more appropriate with over-edited from both camera+:

and snapseed:
(Don't worry, both shots were taken pre-show, BEFORE they asked us to put our cameras away. I am a rule follower!)
The show was delightful, the costumes divine, the choreography spot on. What a happy night, made happier because all children stayed at home with Gigi and Gramps. Thank you!


ash said…
He's tiny! And the Music Man is one of my faves. That set looks amazing!