Week 4 in Utah, Pt 2: Friends+

With Brandon around, it was projects in the morning (taking down and replacing old light fixtures, painting ceilings, repainting ceilings when the original paint dried and was the wrong color, rewheeling/stabilizing fence gates, taking out bushes, you know easy stuff), and friends in the evening. We spent one evening down in Provo with our favorite used-to-be-Floridian-now-Ohioan friends. Cami and Brad were relaxed and happy hosts, sharing homemade ice cream and holding traditional root beer tasting contests like the old days.
We sure love those folks and genuinely look forward to any time we can have with them. 
The next evening (after more projects, of course), we headed up to J and T's for another evening with friends. I didn't manage to get a pic of the dads doing what they do best (philosophizing, of course!), but I did manage a KNITTING selfie during a first KNITTING lesson (even if soon after, Tina thought I said mine looked like mangled cheese and agreed with me).
 I even pulled out my real camera for some kiddo shots. I am so looking forward to lining these pictures up, year by year, and watching these kids grow up together before our eyes---even if it is only for a few weeks every summer. (A few weeks?! Let's face it Michelle, you "stop by to visit" a bit longer than THAT.)(It's cool.)
 Looks like Soren used the evening in part to perfect his lick-the-salt-leave-the-rest corn-eating technique. What else is summer for?
Some weeks are just cooler than other weeks!


ash said…
You know, of course, that I get into the car after these visits, sigh happily to my husband and say, "I love our friends."

You guys are the best.