Week 3 in Utah Pt. 2: Sprinklers

Really, we didn't even need to leave my parents self-made orchard of a backyard to have a great afternoon together. Sprinklers + kids = happiness for everyone involved. This sprinkler had the added plus of looking cool in pictures and of course, I couldn't resist.
Soren liked to grab the individual sprinklers by their ends and squirt people, so I had to be careful in my capturing.
 Annie's on my team though, and made an extra special water feature:

Zane lost interest just about the time our backyard neighbors showed up and wanted to join in. New friends = new opportunities for pictures (I really couldn't get enough of those water streams)!

And popsicles after made it an all-around happy event. 
 Note to self: why go out when you can just run through sprinklers?


ash said…
Oh my goodness! That is the coolest sprinkler EVER!