Week 3 in Utah Pt. 1 of many: Funtopia

The fun kept on coming as our days in Utah passed. Our next adventure was with some fun Floridan-now-Utahn friends at a place called Funtopia in Lehi. Because of our success with a climbing wall the week before, I knew the kids would have a good time here. And they did!!
This place was definitely cool, with different challenges covering all walls and fun extras in the middle of the room.
Zane loved this one where you stepped up, up, up each "building" until you got to the very top one and JUMPED off like a super hero.
 For Annie, this leap-off-a-high-platform-and-hope-you-make-it-to-the-stuffy-cylinder-in-mid-air thing was the highlight. Super woman!
 Afterwards, we went to in-and-out for more fun and chatting. Thanks for hanging with us, Wilsons! 


ash said…
This looks AMAZING!