Utah Week 3 Pt. 4: Kari and family

We ended our third week with a visit from one of my oldest friends and her family. Kari, Blake, and kiddos met us at Jon and Tina's for an evening of visiting and IT WAS WONDERFUL.
It's been nine years since I last saw Kari! Seriously, I was pregnant with Annie and we had gone down to the Phoenix area for Jonas's baby blessing. Kari hasn't changed in look or sweetness since then--she is a shining light and I was so happy to get to soak her in for a few hours. Added bonus: kids all got to play together. Here are the girls of the group:
Wish I could have gotten a picture of the impromptu backyard baseball game the kids all managed to play for awhile or Soren seeing his first fireworks once it got dark. ("Look at that! Look at that! Look at that!" over and over. And when the second batch started, he asked Brandon, "Pops, you hold my hand now?")
We were so happy this sweet family squeezed us in on their first trip to Utah. Thanks again, friends!